Monday, May 18, 2009

MBM to Hold 3rd Annual Practice Triathlon

Monterey Bay Multisport is having a practice sprint triathlon in Monterey on saturday may 23rd if anyone is interested in seeing what Triathlon is all about! We meet at the volleyball courts by the beach( window by the bay) at 9am and begin at 10. You will need a wetsuit to swim in the bay (approx 400 meters) any kind of bike to ride 10 miles on the bike path and some running shoes to run 2.5 miles on the bike path also. It is just for fun- no awards! We supply water and sport beans( Alexis is sponsored by them). Free to anyone under 18 and a $10 donation for adults to support our junior team . Please email me if you are interested in attending or helping out.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wildflower Long Course-The Race

I got down to transition just after 7am and quickly set up. I figured that there was no need for a run warm up as I just ran up the hill to my campsite and my heart rate was most likely through the roof!!

Once I was set up I checked the time, 7:20am; I had some time to take a few deep breaths and try to relax from the chaotic morning. I took my time putting on my wetsuit and walked to the water to get a nice warm up swim. It was short, but it gives me time to make sure my goggles are set and to get a feel for the water. I lined up on the start mat behind the front row. I really wasn't too concerned about not starting on the front line, I figured this was just a hard training day! The gun went off and we were in the water I quickly found an open space to the left and held my line (to the best of my weaving swimming ability) and noticed that the usual V-formation was forming. I aim for the first buoy all the while making sure I was aligning myself with the women who were now on my right side. We made the first right around the first buoy and I managed to swim around a few girls and make my way to the inside, closest to the buoys. I felt very strong and swimming felt effortless (well, at least to some degree...I guess I was relaxed)! There was a girl just ahead of me and I set my sights on her and passed her. Then I saw another girl and went for her and passed her too! Wow, passing girls on the swim...that's new for me! Once we rounded the two furthest buoy's I set my sights on yet another woman. I eventually got to her feet and let her pull me into the boat ramp finish.

I exited just behind her in a time of 26:54. Running up the boat ramp into T1, my legs and breathing were on fire! Is it just me or did that hurt??? In the past I've left my cycling shoes on the ground and just put them on in transition and then run to the bike out mount line. I do this at this race only because there in a slight incline from the mount line and I've seen girls not able to get going on their bike. This year however, I left my shoes clipped into the pedals. Not to boast or brag, but for me I had a fast T1!! I attribute that to clipping my shoes to my pedal! As I rode through the finish chute and onto the bike course, I heard people cheering and yelling for me which only encouraged me to ride faster. I had the 5th fastest swim time, but was 4th going out onto the bike (I didn't know that until this morning actually)! I felt strong and confident as I continued to ride out of the park and through the rolling hills.

dad, mom & erin post race

Friday's weather kept us cool and wet as it rained most of the day. Luckily it stopped during the night (camping in the rain isn't exactly what I wanted to experience, especially the night before the race). Saturday's weather was beautiful sun and a little cool. There didn't seem to be any wind on the bike; tail or head wind. Only the wind that I created as I rode along the country roads did I feel. It wasn't until around mile 19 or so did a woman pass me. Then somewhere in mile 22-25 did a few other women pass me. I was okay with it as they had probably put in the necessary training to be competing at this race. I kept going steadily along every once and a while glancing at my mph average. To me it looked good, around 20.8 mph or so. For where I was at with my fitness, that was fine with long as it was above 20.0 mph! Ok, so looking at results, my mph says 19.97 mph...ooohhh, slow! At least for me. Ok, note to self, time to implement operation "Speed."

the kids & christina wanted their hair dyed!

I got to Nasty Grade and just kept plugging away; it's not that it's that steep or that hard, but that it comes at around mile 41. There was an age group guy just ahead of me and I keyed off of him to get me over the top. Thank goodness for the long decent as I really had to "go." What a relief it was and just in time for the last couple of miles. Just past B-Rock store on the gradual up hill, who comes flying by me like I'm standing still??? Tyler S. What a phenomenal cyclist she is. As she rides by she yells, "I was wondering when I was going to catch you." My sentiments exactly! She rides and runs herself into 4th place!! Congrats Tyler. I on the other hand can see a women up ahead and so key off of her. Not sure who it is until I catch her going down Lynch and into's Pip T. My bike time of 2:48:14 is about 6 minutes slower than my best time. But again, that's fine with me. We enter T2 together and she gets out of transition 1 second ahead of me.

It takes me close to 2 miles before I'm able to pass her. I felt pretty comfortable on the run and continued to make strides. However, by mile 4 or 5 the up hills started to get to me and I knew that it would begin to be a struggle. The flats and down hills were okay, but of course there hadn't been any hill training, so this was to be expected. I did, in the back of my mind, think I might be able to pull something out. Needless to say, I was just happy to have run entire 13.1 miles. I caught up to John D. who was nice enough to give me some encouragement to keep going and that I did. Just prior to mile 9 my friend Greg S. caught me...I was trying to hold him off as long as I could. I think this year I was able to make it a bit further before he caught me...good on ya' mate!

mom 2nd place

Ah, running down to the pit at mile 10 and then back up again...can you say ouch! There was really nothing left in the tank as I saw 2 girls running toward the turn around as I began the ascent. I gave it everything I had to keep my pace, but I knew that it would be a struggle when I felt my hands tingling and my vision getting a little blury. Around mile 11 Gina K. ran by me and I was unable to match her turn over. Ok, I've just moved from 7th place to 8th...I'm not going to let another woman pass me...I was only passed by 1 girl and that's it!! I got to the top of Lynch and it was all down hill from there. I ran as fast as my legs could go straight to the finish line! Wheww, that was the longest run I had run all year long!! No kidding.

Overall, I had a pretty good race and am happy with my 8th place result. My next race will be Alcatraz in June!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Prelude to Wildflower Triathlon '09

Because of a few injuries this season, my "training" was limited to about 9 weeks. I put training in quotes because I'm not quite sure I can call it training as much as I could call it "getting back into shape." After 2 months of just swimming and lifting weights, due to my stress fractured foot,I was able to eventually put in about 7 weeks of "getting back into shape training." Then I woke up with a stiff neck that put me out for an additional 2 weeks. Of course those 2 weeks cut into the 4 weeks I had left to train for WF. So, if you do the math, I had 7 weeks to get in some sort of shape, 2 weeks off and then 2 weeks to "train" for WF!! Did I taper??? Not really, as there was nothing to taper from. I considered this first race of the season as a training race, a baseline from which I could only improve.

I arrived on thursday afternoon and after setting up camp...yep, I still LOVE to camp in a trailers or hotels for me (at least at this race). Then it was off to pass out free gelato with Avia at the gate entrance! It was such a fun time and a really great idea from Avia to hand out free gelato and visors to race participants and their families as well as showcase their new line of shoes. When I was finished here, it was off to try and relax at camp. Relax is something that this weekend didn't offer too much of as you'll soon find out!

It's hard to sleep in when you're camping, so friday I awoke around 7am and tried to take my time eating breaki and sipping coffee. My sister Erin and I headed out for a short ride followed by an even shorter run! Erin will be competing in her first WF long course on saturday along with our mom. I met up with Rachel C. and the two of us decided to go for a swim and loosen up. The water felt great. Not sure how far we swam as we did more talking than swimming!

Friday afternoon I was once again handing out Avia gelato and then it was time for our pro meeting. I had picked up my race packet just prior to the meeting and although I had not received my new elite license from USAT, I was told that I could fill out a one day and so I did. I had emailed USAT prior to leaving for the lake asking if I needed a copy/proof of my renewal. I had mailed it in just shy of 2 weeks prior to WF thinking it would get there in time.

At 8pm friday evening 2 USAT officials find me at my campsite finishing dinner. They proceed to tell me that they gave me the wrong information in regards to filling out the one day license...that is only for foreign pros. I must show proof that I had renewed. I told them that I had emailed USAT prior to arriving and that I had not received a response. Luckily there was internet access, so I checked my email and had a reply from paperwork had not arrived yet, so so renewal yet and my license was not valid. Next step, talk to the head USAT official. Shoz went with me and we tried to speak to the official who was a stickler for the rules. He was quite abrubt. We tried calling USAT but all we could do was leave messages. I wrote an email to USAT at 8:15pm asking if I am eligible to race and if she could call or reply to me or the head official.

I pretty much broke down after that and figured that I would not be racing the next day. There was nothing to do except wait and see if there would be a reply in my inbox race morning. I didn't do anything as far as race prep that night as I was still quite angry. I woke at 5:45am saturday morning and went straight to check my email. There was a reply. As long as the head official was okay with me racing than that would be fine. Another pro women was going through the same thing. She even received the same email as me! We proceeded to track down the head official and report in to him. He said if we filled out the pro license form and paid the fee (again) that he'd allow us to race. We went back to the computer, I printed out 2 forms and we filled them out then went to find the head official in the transition area, give him our forms and luckily he said we could race. I ran/walked back up the hill to my campsite and asked everyone there for their help in getting me race ready. At this point it was 6:30am and I had yet to eat breakfast, drink coffee, put race numbers on, etc. Thanks to mom, dad and my sis Erin, they got me ready in about 25 minutes and I was then off to transition to set up!

Not knowing if you're able to race until an hour and a half before the race is extremely stressful! I dont' want to feel like that again!