Friday, May 16, 2008

To Craig

Thanks Craig,
I hope Sea Otter was a good time for you. What will be next for you?


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monterey Bay Multisport to Host Practice Triathlon

Monterey Bay Multisport is inviting you to a practice Triathlon on Monday May 26 at 9AM. The event is going to be a low key practice triathlon of 400meters- 12 mile bike- 2 mile run. It will be an open water swim in the bay and the bike and run will take place on the bike paths. There will be no awards, but we will have your time. You can use a mtn or road bike. The workout is open to team members and non team members. If you are not a member of MBM Racing, the fee is $10 to help support our junior team. Feel free to pass on the information.Please RSVP to me asap if you plan to attend. It is a fun low key event and a great way to start the summer season!!!

WE need some volunteers to help with the course also.

Please contact or for more information


May 11, 2008
Santa Lucia Preserve

Everyone who knows me knows that I like my road wheels planted firmly on the pavement and only when I have to, I'll ride a mountain bike. So, for some of you, this will come as a shock...hold on to your saddles...I competed in a very small (approximately 20 participants) mountain bike

Sharon & Mike getting my loaner bike ready

sprint triathon on saturday in the ultra-plush, ultra-private Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel Valley, CA.
Danielle Pre-Race

This is the 3rd year that this race, music festival and lunch has been going on and we are lucky to be invited each year. The distances are ~400m swim, 10 mi bike & 3 mi run. We had a few of our team members from Monterey Bay Multisport and athletes from Sharon's triathlon class at MPC compete including Sharon (co-owner), Mike D., Ana E., Sam & Danielle. We all finished and I think only one person went down, but was still able to finish; with only a few scrapes.

We swam without wetsuits in the 67 degree water; I rode Sharon's daughter's mountain mike and shoes that were a size too big; and I ran in my own gear!! Go figure. I can see why people enjoy mt. bike riding...the adrenaline and rush and technique that one must have and that I clearly lacked! I don't know if I'll do another mt. bike race again, expect maybe this one next year.

The music & lunch spread was awesome! It was nice to relax with friends in warm sunshine, eat & listen to music.

Fred & Sharon getting ready

Mike & I freakin' out before the Race...seriously...we were

Wildflower Triathlon Festival

May 2-4, 2008
Lake San Antonio, CA

I had thought that I was prepared and ready to have a great race this year, but eventhough I had put in the distance I was still not putting in the required amount of speed work that was necessary to have a "great" race. No matter how long I've been training and competing in this sport, there in always something to learn.

My swim felt comfortable and good and I think that I'm getting the swimming down...finally! I exited the water in 25:56 with a pack of 4 or 5 other women and just a little over 3 minutes down from Linda G. My transition went smooth and I was out on the bike course in no time. However, I did notice a "noise" on my bike and for the first half of the race I was trying to figure out what it was. I eventually decided to give up listening and just ride. So, needless to say, the second half of the ride felt so much better than the first! My time was WAY off from what I had expected to do, but hoped that my run would fare better. Unfortunately, my run hurt more than the ride! Every time I came to an up hill (which are many) I felt like I was going backwards! I tried to run as hard as I could and it was all I could do. I have never felt so happy to get to the finish line. My total time of 4:51:26 is about 10 minutes slower than last year...yikes. I guess you can't "win" 'em all the time; as much as I know we'd all like to!!
There is always next year and/or the next race.

In other WF husband Jay did an outstanding job, especially with limited training! Although he had a long day out there, he had a fun time!
Overall, we had a great time over the entire weekend.