Thursday, September 29, 2005


After having a great race at PG, I noticed that I was pretty tired and not motivated to go out and train. I still have three races to go too; Tinley's, IM Hawaii and Treasure Island. How can I keep my motivation up knowing that I have these races ahead of me??? I decided to take a look back and see what I've been doing that would make me more tired than usual. I figured out that it has only been about 10 weeks since I competed at Lake Placid IM and since then I've competed in three olympic distance races. I really never had a chance to fully recover and I kept pushing without taking a good rest. I've been taking it easy the past few weeks since PG and finally today I feel like myself again. I'm racing this weekend down at Scott Tinley's Dirty Adventures at Lake Lopez in San Luis Obispo, so good timing that I'm feeling better! I'm also in the lead in the Tri-Cal Pro Series (only by 50 points) so I'm looking for a solid race on saturday to keep my lead.

If you've never gone down and raced at Tinley's, it's a great low key race that reminds me of Wildflower twenty years ago! I would highly recommend it to anyone. So, if you're unable to go down this weekend, mark it on your calendar for next year!

I leave for Hawaii on tuesday morning and will be there about 10 days prior to IM. Remember to check back here often as I'll have more reports to share!

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peter nelson said...

Hey Alexis,
Congrats on all of your great races. I see you every once in a while bike riding around the Monterey Bay area. Good luck in Hawaii. Let's go for a ride when you get back. What do you say? I am saving up for a new bike so I can start going long distances and start planning long cross country camping/biking trips. See you around. Peter.