Saturday, May 13, 2006

Honolulu Triathlon Part I

May 12, 2006

I flew out of San Jose early on friday morning on my way to Honoulu. Since my cousin Serena goes to school there, she was able to pick me up at 11am when I landed. We went to her dorm/on-campus apartment and she was in the middle of moving out! Yep, another semester has gone for her and she is ready to come home for the summer. She had a swim meet in the evening about 45 minlutes away. I decided to go with her because I'd be able to get a swim in during warm ups.

The traffic here is horrendous and leaving at 4pm on a friday evening heading west didn't help either. We eventually made it and the water in the 50m outdoor pool felt great. I swam about 1700m and got out. I had a horrible headache most likely due to travel and exhaustion. I did however go for a short 20 minute run in hopes of my head feeling better. Instead I felt sluggish and my head still hurt!

Serena only swam two events, the 50 back and the 50 free and I missed both of them. She wanted to stick around and finish watching her teammates compete; there was supposedly only 20 minutes left of the meet and it was ~7:40pm when I decided to go to the car and lay down and wait for her. Oh and there was a huge swarm of termites in the air...pretty disgusting. I fell asleep in the car and only woke when Serena knocked on the door! We drove home (thank goodness it didn't take that long) and I got ready for bed and by 9pm I was aleep for sure.

May 13, 2006

Woke at 6:30 this morning feeling much better and rested. Serena was up packing more of her belongings as today is the day she has to be out of her apartment. We went down to the pool and I was able to swim 2000yds. with a few pickups. I felt better today too. Oh, and I must mention that as I'm writing this it's 10:30am and I have yet to get a cup of's driving me nuts!! I'm sitting in the apartment typing this while Serena and her boyfriend Chris drove to storage to leave some of their belongings and then to take Chris to the airport. After that she'll be coming back here to pack up her clothes and my bike box and my clothes while I ride my bike to the pro meeting at 1pm. We'll be staying in a hotel close to the race start and I'll check in after the meeting.

I figure I'll ride down a bit early and hopefully find something to eat OR go to the meeting, hopefully be able to check in early at our hotel and then get something to eat. That way I don't have to lug my bike around with me. Although, I will be getting a large latte prior to the meeting!!

That's the update for now. Check back tomorrow after the race and I'll hopefully have a report up. Oh and the race starts tomorrow at 5:55am! Early start, early finish!! Plenty of time to go surfing!!!

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