Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rio Resolution Run

January 1, 2007
Rio Resolution Run

It's been tradition to run the 10k race every January 1st. I can't think of a better (or sometimes painful) way to start the new year than a running race.
It's the competitiveness in me that makes me want to win this hometown race every year; although I know that someday there will be some young girl who'll fly past me, but I'm trying to hold that moment off for as long as possible!

It was a pretty chilly morning, but of course I got warm during the course of the race. I wanted to win this race, but didn't know who my competition would be and wasn't sure of my fitness. I had been putting in some good miles but hardly any hill work.

I took it out fast as usual and I felt good. I eventually found myself running alone and could barely see the next person in front of me. The course wasn't marked all too well and eventhough I've raced here before it's always nice to have direction out there. I was only past by a few men along the way and my legs were screaming up the last few hills! Note to self: start more hill work!!

I finished 11th person overall and 1st female overall in 39:33 an improvement from last year on the exact same course! (Results can be found at

I hope that there is more of this to come this year!

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