Friday, February 22, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

It has been such a long time since I've written and there has been so many new things that have happened! The best way I guess would be to summarize what has been going on, chronologically since Vineman. So, as far as the racing goes, I competed at Pacific Grove Triathlon in September and placed 2nd, which I was pleased about! Next was Tinleys at the end of September where I can't seem to find my results! Oops. I think it was 4th.

To go back in time a month, I started graduate school at San Jose State University. I knew I would go back to school to get my master's, but it was just a matter of timing as well as figuring out what I wanted to study. I was accepted into the Kinesiology program and am studying Sport Psychology. It was definitely a shock going back to school after a 9 year gap from undergrad studies. It took about a month or so to get into the swing of things again as well as commutting the hour and 15 minute drive one way! So, now I'm training, racing, going to school (learning how to study and write papers and do homework again!) and planning my wedding! Wheww, I don't know how I did it all.

Jay and I got married friday October 26, with a full moon at an outdoor ceremony at Rancho Canada. It went by so fast, but we both had a great time and plenty of awesome memories, photos and video! We eventually went on our honeymoon to Whistler, BC, Canada during Christmas for some skiing and snowboarding! It's so beautiful up there.

Two weeks after we were married I had my final race of the season, The Treasure Island Triathlon in San Francisco, CA. Because of a huge oil spill in the bay, the olympic distance triathlon was turned into a duathlon with an unusual first run distance, which I thought would have helped me, but I believe I was tired and really ready for the off season to be here. I did however manage to place 6th and was happy to have won the Tri-Cal Pro Series for the second time in my career!

School finished up in the middle of December and I had some lofty goals as far as grades were concerned. I wanted to get straight A's as that is something that I never accomplished in high school or in undergrad studies. Matter of fact, I was surprised at how low my GPA was when I finished my undergrad work at SDSU...a 2.97! Yikes. Horrible. So, I worked my tooshie off and I got A's in 3 of my classes and was bummed to find out that in my fourth class I had received a B+! I know I did A work on the final, but this was a subjective class, so the professor could give me any grade. I ended up with a 3.85 GPA which is the highest I've gotten, but was still dissappointed in that B+. Oh well, what can you do???

After school, triathlon season and our honeymoon, it was nice to be at home and I began training again in January. It felt good to have a break from school and planning and just train, it was like being a professional triathlete again, eating, sleeping, training! Unfortunately, school started at the end of January. I've just finished the 4th week of school and the semester ends in May, so I have papers to write, exams to ace and more reading than I've done in a long time.

I have legally changed my name also. I decided to take Jay's name, so I've dropped Waddel (sigh) and am now Mrs. Smith!!

My first triathlon this season will be the 70.3 in Oceanside in five weeks, but I'll be bike racing in April at the Sea Otter Classic. I am again on the Sport Beans/NTTC team for the second year and we look forward to having a great season.


Courtenay said...

have a great time at sea otter! i am not doing it this year - san dimas stage will be my springtime bike race instead, i would try to tempt you but it's the same weekend as oceanside. (it's super fun though!)

congratulations on the wedding, although i hear you are supposed to congratulate the groom and say "good luck" to the bride, and congrats also on the guts to go back to school. i envy you for that ;)

Greg Remaly said...

Hi Alexis,

glad to hear you're doing well, and very cool about graduate school. 1:15 commute - you're a trooper!

Sarah said...


Found you through Greg & Courtenay's blog. I actually introduced myself to you at Alcatraz a couple years ago and wished you luck (not saying you would remember, just saying that I did!).

Anyway, CONGRATS on getting married and going back to school! That is fantastic. I'm going to be doing Oceanside too, so if I see you, I'll introduce myself again and wish you the best!

If I don't see you - GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES in the race!


Sue said...

Hi! I've been checking your blog periodically because I knew you were getting married last fall. I was so glad to see your post and even happier to see a picture! You looked fabulous in your wedding dress! Very few women can pull off a sleeveless gown, and I've seen ALOT, being a wedding photographer! But all that triathalon training has given you a fabulous figure!

School...I can't even imagine studying and writing papers again. Fortunately, I'm in a career where people don't really care what schooling you have, just how your portfolio looks. Good-on-ya for diving back in to graduate school and for being so studious!

Isn't being married the greatest? My experience has been very different- married at 20 without living together first, so there was quite an adjustment period. But even with how long you and Jay have been together, I imagine it still feels different being married, knowing you love each other enough to make that commitment. And congrats on changing your name! I think secretly (or perhaps openly) it makes your hubby feel even more loved and respected. And hey, you never have to spell your last name again! I was super thrilled to trade Garlitz in for Richardson.

So glad to hear about all the goodness in your life. Good luck with your training and races this season. Stop by and visit my blog anytime!

Anonymous said...

Alexis-Great blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, big victories and small defeats. I was hoping to make it to Wildflower but settled for the Sea Otter Mtn bike race which was a blast.

Craig Brinton

Banasky Dodson said...

congratulations alexis on your marriage! being married is awesome! good luck with graduate school.

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