Sunday, August 08, 2010

39 Weeks

I've been pregnant now for 39 weeks and really can't believe how quickly it has gone. People keep asking me if I'm ready to have the kid yet, and I tell them that the first 7 months I was so busy with working, coaching, writing my thesis and trying to learn about what to expect that now that I've had some time to relax and enjoy the pregnancy, that's exactly what I'm doing and I'm in no hurry to rush things along. When our little guy is ready, he'll arrive. I do however think that he will arrive a few days late, which may be a good thing because 2 weeks ago at my Dr.'s appointment, I was informed that our doctor would be on vacation...anyone seen Knocked Up?!?! I not worried or concerned about it though. It will be fine; I just think it's pretty funny only because at one of my first appointments I had asked my doctor if she'd be the one delivering our child!

I wanted to give myself a pedicure about a week or so ago, but realized that I no longer could reach my toes! So, my sister Erin was gracious enough to come to the house and pamper my feet! Too funny. Also within this last week, it has been MUCH harder for me to put on socks and shoes; thank goodness for sandals!

I'm still walking 6-7 days a week anywhere from 2 miles which I did today up to 8 miles which I walked yesterday!! Boy does it take a lot longer to walk 8 miles than it did to run it; but I had company with my good friend Claudia. We take the dogs and ourselves for a walk. I was swimming 2-4 days per week and it was a lot of fun to get in the water and actually be able to breathe! Ever since baby boy dropped a little lower, I feel I am able to get a bit more oxygen in.

I have started to feel some Braxton-Hicks contractions, which feel like sharp, stabbing pains in my lower abdominal region. They haven't lasted too long, maybe a few seconds. I was thinking about contractions the other day; I'm not going to know when it comes on, I mean, I can't plan for it to appear, I just have to learn how to deal with them once they come. I'm a planner and organizer and like to have things under control (go figure) but with contractions it seems like I will just have to go with the flow!!

My hospital bag is almost packed; still need a few more items, but I'm surprised at the lists online and what they recommend you you're going to stay in the hospital for a week (which I guess can happen, but the lists are exceptionally involved). I plan on bringing just the essentials, which again can vary from person to person!
The baby keeps moving and squirming and I'm sure he's running out of room, so it could be any day now. I now Jay is extremely excited and asks baby when he's going to come out and play!! How cute is that.
Back on July 4, mom and I trotted and walked the Spreckles 10k. Here is a photo:

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