Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Boston Tri That Wasn't

Rip & Suzie- My homestay

September 3, 2006
The Boston Triathlon

My last race was in Long Beach about 2 months ago and I had put in some consistent and solid training and was ready to test my fitness in Boston this weekend. I was also very excited to see my homestay family and good friends, the Reeves and well as my friend and fellow pro athlete Flo Chretien.

Rip & Suzie at dinner

I arrived in Boston on the evening of September 1 (friday). My homestay, Rip, picked me up and took me back to his house where I was greeted by Suzie (his wife) and their three girls, Taylor, Emily and Claire.

The kids at dinner

Saturday at 2:30pm Flo and I were at our pro meeting where we found out that due to inclimate weather the swim had been cancelled and there was now the possibility of a duathlon. We wouldn't find out for sure if there was going to be a duathlon or if the race would be cancelled completely.

Taylor & her friend

The high winds and rain from Hurricane Ernesto was apparently coming up the east coast and beacuse the bike course goes through downtown and the Big Dig where there are numerous potholes, the organizers were worried that a terrible crash could happen.

Me at Walden Pond

At 5 minutes after 6pm I checked the race website to find out that indeed the race was cancelled. It's unfortunate for all of us athletes that came from far away as we won't be reimbursed for our expenses.

Walden Pond

I must say I was a bit excited to not have to get up early the next day and race. The Reeves family, Flo and her son and I went out to dinner.

Suzie & Taylor

I woke up to rain on sunday morning, but I don't think it was that horrible that the race should've been cancelled. We are professionals that have trained and raced numerous times in the rain.

Emily & Me

After having some coffee and a lite breakfast Rip and I drove out to a park where we started our rainy run on trails, but after stepping in plenty of puddles we decided to run on the road. I picked up the pace a few times to get in some kind of workout, but it just wasn't the same as a race. After our 35 minute run, I got my wetsuit on and we walked to Walden Pond for a swim in the lake. It was absolutely beautiful, with trees surrounded the entire lake. We covered about 1.5 miles total.

I had a very early flight home on monday morning; plenty of time left in the day once I got home to celebrate Jay's birthday!

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