Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Sur 1/2 Marathon

November 9, 2008
Monterey, CA

I raced yesterday at the San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island and after the awards ceremony Jay and I drove home to get ready for an early morning race! I was up around 5am this morning, had my coffee and oatmeal and eventually made my warm up run down to the start of the 1/2 marathon which is about a mile away...so convienent. I was feeling pretty good considering the race yesterday and was ready to end the season with back to back races!

There were quite a few elite runners and I was fortunate enough to be able to start with then in the first corral...yes, it does sound like we're cattle! I had a time goal for myself that I thought was realistic and attainable.

The day started out a bit chilly and I decided to wear some capri tights and a sports bra. This proved to be a good idea and it did sprinkle a bit, but the pouring rain did come...after I finished! I felt good as we started the race and noticed that by the time I got to the 10k mark, I was on a faster pace than I ran the 10k in the previous day! I was able to pass two of the elite runners which bumped me into 9th place. I stayed here til the finish and was pleased that I did hit my time goal of 1 hr. 23 minutes and some change!! Pretty nice way to end the season, back to back races!

The best part about this course is that we run through the tunnel which is normally off limits to pedestrains and cyclists. As we ran through the tunnel on the way out, there was a bag piper playing which echoed through the damp tunnel. There were many other musicians along the water front of ocean view blvd, like the awesome drummers!

Ok, the season is over and I can take some time off. YEAH!!

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