Monday, January 05, 2009

Monterey Bay Multisport

Alexis and I are pleased to invite you to join the 2009 Monterey Bay Multisport High Performance Triathlon Team for 2009!! Alexis has worked very hard to update our website( to provide you with all the upcoming 2009 information as well as events that happened in 2008. We have included links to the USAT National site relevant to our junior team members and parents. With my position at USAT as one of the 3 National Camp directors, we were able to include all the information on the 2 USAT Skills camps in our region in june and july also.

We have made some changes to our business for the upcoming season that we believe will benefit all of you. We have added an extra weekend workout each month( total of 2 sundays per month), added some new locations, as well as keeping our weekly track/transition workout on weds eves( at MPC) and the open water swims on friday eves beginning in april. The 2009 season fees have remained the same as 2008! Alexis is going to be the contact person and head coach of the ADULT group and Sharon is going to be the contact person and head coach for the JUNIOR group. As always, we will meet together for our workouts and events!! We have a complete calendar of all the planned workouts beginning in Feb. We have compiled a list of team events/races also. Wildflower will be our 1st Team Race!! If you have not registered for one of the races at Wildflower, you can go to Be sure to pay for the appropriate number of camp nights you plan to stay. MBM will have a special site for a team campsite, but you must pay online to be able to get in on race weekend.

Information for the 2009 MBM Adult and Junior teams can be found at These documents can be downloaded and mailed back to us. Please fill in the athlete information sheets( detailed as possible), include the first payment( $200 per junior member, $300 per adult member) check written to MBM and snail mail the registration paperwork and waiver to:
Adult Team members- Alexis Smith- 866 Lomita St, Monterey, CA 93940
Junior Team members- Sharon Osgood- 26120 Zdan Rd, Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions! If you know other athletes that may be interested in our team, please pass on this information.

We have partnered with Fleetfeet Sports in Monterey to offer a lecture series on the 2nd Tues of each month from 6-7:30PM. Fleetfeet Sports is offering a special deal if you sign up for all 8 lectures- $75 ( includes a $25 off discount from the store). I have listed the lecture subjects below-

Lecture Series at Fleetfeet MTY 6 PM-7:30PM call 372-5664 to register

Cost for the entire 8 session series - $75
Drop-in fee $15 per session.

*Sign up for an entire session and receive a coupon for $25 good at Fleet Feet Sports Monterey on any purchase over $100.

February 10th – Goal Setting
March 10th – Water Running & Injuries
April 14th – Using Imagery to improve fitness
May 12th – Race Preparation for extreme climates (heat or cold)
June 9th – Parent/Kids Coaching (What’s Right For Your Child)
July 14th -Safety for Outdoor Exercise
August 11th -Swim tips for Open Water
September 8- How to enjoy the offseason and stay fit

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