Monday, March 23, 2009

Back at It

Me & some of my new Sport Beans/NTTC team mates at our Team Camp in Fairfield, CA
Jelly Belly Factory

After 2 months of no cycling or running, I'm back at! What a sense of renewed energy and excitement. I've been feeling very good lately and although I don't quite have my speed back, I'm at least able to go the distance. I'm sure the speed will come along shortly as I have implemented a once weekly track workout into my run schedule. It's funny, however, as my mind knows it can and wants to run faster, but my body says otherwise! Each week I feel stronger and a wee bit faster! I'm still lifting weights twice a week and since my friend Claudia and I have started working on pull-ups, I'm not up to 8 of them in the first set and 6 or 7 in the second set!! I started doing 3. It's nice adding some new things to my same 'ol repertoire; the body likes change!

My first race will be Wildflower on May 2nd. I'm going in to it with no expectations except to feel good the entire way.

I'm really working my cycling as I feel that is my limiter during these longer events and it's nice to see I'm improving. I look forward to a few more intense weeks of training (it's all relative!) before WF.

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