Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 23

I'm 23 weeks along now, almost 6 months! Time is really flying by. I'm doing well, just trying to manage 3 jobs and trying to finish my thesis as well as maintaining some sort of "fitness" along the way. I was swimming at 6am, but I'm just not able to swim fast enough to keep warm, so I have forgone swimming for the time being as 6am was the only time I had. I am still running, well, maybe not running. I think a better word is trotting! Whoa, am I slow!! It's hard to run every day now, but I'm still managing approximately 4-5 days of running (lately it's actually been running and walking) and the remaining days going for long walks.

I thought I had a thimble-sized bladder before I got pregnant, but now it's even smaller! On my runs I can usually go for about a mile before I have to stop and pee. I know probably TMI, but this is the reality of being pregnant!

I figure that if I'm trotting at a 12:30 min/mile, it's better to just walk! I had no idea I could move that slowly!! The belly is getting bigger now and it seems as though my belly button is just about ready to pop!! So bizarre all the bodily changes going on.

The baby has been moving around quite a few times per day and the feeling is so amazing. It's just about time to start looking into baby registries and getting the shower together, before we know baby smith will be here.

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