Sunday, May 15, 2011

9 months of Gabey and my First Race

How quickly times goes by. Everyone said it would and I knew it would too, but it's still hard to believe...Gabey has been with us for 9 months!! It's truly amazing how quickly he learns new things. He can already walk while holding on to furniture or our hands. I'm sure in a matter of another month or so he'll be walking on his own! We've been baby proofing the house as he learns new things.

He is such a good and happy little boy. We are working on giving him solid foods. So far we've tried avocado, banana, sweet potato, egg yolk, crackers, chicken. So far he usually gives us the same face: tongue out and eyes shut along with a whole body shudder, ie. he doesn't like it!

I have finally taken him to the pool and he LOVES the water. He even tries to put his face in the water all by himself.

He has his two bottom teeth already and it looks as though he's getting at least one of his upper teeth!

On March 6th I competed in my first event since having Gabey, the Napa Valley Marathon. I needed a goal and I thought that running a marathon would be the "easiest" to train for. I was happy with my time of 3:36 especially since I just gave birth 6 1/2 months before this event. I followed my doctors orders too and didn't start "training" until he was 6 weeks old. My first runs started out as 11 1/2 minutes/mile. I couldn't believe how slow this was for me. It took a few months before I felt like I was actually running and now 9 months later I feel pretty good most of the time.

I decided to compete at Wildflower (long course, of course) as I would race myself into shape!! I had a time goal of 5:15 as I thought that this would be a time that I could do considering I'm still getting back into shape. I was happy to come in at 5:11 but my goal of top 10 was WAY off the mark!! Yep, an extremely lofty goal considering I was lucky if I got to ride my bike 2x/week. I guess an 18 mph average is okay for my limited riding. I have vowed to get on the trainer to improve my cycling for my upcoming events; however as of today that has yet to be accomplished! This was a very humbling race as my mind knows that I am capable of competing at a much faster time but physically my body is not quite ready. I'm sure the lack of sleep and nursing takes it's toll but I wouldn't change a thing!

My next race is the Escape from Alcatraz on June 5th. Wish me luck as I am going to need it!

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