Monday, June 06, 2011

Escape from Alcatraz

I competed in my second triathlon since having Gabey, yesterday at the Escape from Alcatraz in San Francisco, CA. I feel "out of the loop" with the sport after taking a year off, but I think it's coming back to me. Jay, Gabriel, and I headed up to SF on Friday and had a relaxing two days before the event on Sunday. I am still nursing and poor Gabey had caught a cold on Saturday night, so we were up with him quite a few times; needless to say I think I got pretty good sleep (when I was asleep)! I was debating on whether or not to wear my HR monitor but once on the boat I decided to forgo the monitor and just race as hard as I could go. I felt choppy in the water and I think I swam too far to the right and had to back track to get to the finish. The time in the water seemed to go by quickly which was nice. I was looking forward to getting on my bike and seeing what I could do. I still haven't gotten on my trainer and am lucky if I get to ride my bike 2 times per week!! I felt comfortable on the bike and knew that I had to push as hard as I could on all the up hills. The weather was perfect, very slight breeze, sunny skies, and dry roads. It felt good to be on the bike. It took a few miles before i got my "running legs;" I didn't feel the snap that I was used to having. By the time I got to mile 3, I was feeling much better and pushing harder to run down any woman that I could. I was 9th coming out the water but heading out onto the run I was in 11th. I told myself that I could get top 10 and so I picked it up. With 2 miles to go I spotted a girl a few seconds in front of me. I caught her and kept on pushing as hard as I could. With 3/4 of a mile to go I spot another girl and caught and passed her! I ran those last 2 miles as hard as I could and it paid off. My first top 10 after having Gabey.

I'm motivated more now and will get my training schedule updated for my next event.

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Robert said...

Hey, Alexis, I took several nice pix of you on the run leg of Escape with the Golden Gate Bridge in background. I was mainly photographing my son who was running just behind you as you came down that set of stairs before the seawall. I will be posting many race pix to DropBox, a free picture sharing site, in the next day or two. If you like me to notify you when they are up, send me an email at Nice race... You can see the determination in your face that you describe in the blog in the pictures I have...
Bob Small
SmallShots Photography
Redding, CA