Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gabey 11 months old

I can't believe 11 months have already gone. Gabriel is getting so big and is learning to walk with support...actually, he took a few steps unsupported today!! I'm almost positive he'll be walking by his 1st birthday.

He has been better about trying different foods and likes watermelon, rice, black beans, chicken, pork, pita bread, and of course O's!!

We went to Denis the Menace park and he took his first swing

He has his two bottom teeth in and his two middle front teeth in and is getting two more uppers in now. Poor kid, he's chewing on anything these days to help his gums.

All he wants to do is walk, walk, walk. I think even in his sleep he tries to stand up! Speaking of sleep, we still are waking up during the night!! Jay and I haven't been strict on having him sleep through the night and I figure he'll do it eventually. I don't think it affects his sleep much, but as for me I think I'm just used to it now! However, I still will be ecstatic when he sleeps through the night.
Gabey LOVES to be outside. Every morning he goes to the door and wants to play. He has a fascination with the garden hose and loves to help me water the lawn and flowers!! Maybe his thumb will be greener than mine.

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