Monday, February 13, 2006

Our Ride to Aptos

February 11, 2006

Jay, Mom, Dad at a bathroom stop

As much as I wanted to ride the Monterey Loop (100 miles) today, I didn't think it smart to jump up 30 miles from my longest ride of 70, so instead Jay and I rode with mom and dad up to Aptos. Jay and I met them at Red's Donut Shop (their local hangout) and to our great surprise, Mindy and Tim were there with their tandem ready to go the distance with us! As luck would have it, Mindy brought their camera and decided that since she would be spending most of her time on the rear seat that she'd take some photos along the way. Unfortunately after viewing these photos I noticed that she is in none of them??? Mindy, we need to rectify that. Next time, I'll take some photos of you!
Jay's filling up bottles

It was a cold and overcast morning and we were all bundled up except for Tim and Mindy who I think run pretty hot. I think it took us a little over 2 hours to ride the 35 miles north to Aptos were we stopped at Surf City Cafe to grab some hot coffee and treats before heading home. At one point the sun did come out just to say a quick hello before ducking behind the clouds again. A headwind on the way up brought a nice tailwind on the way home!

It was great to ride with Mindy and Tim and unfortunately they will be leaving the peninsula in April for the east coast.

I did a short 4 mile run afterward as I plan on running longer tomorrow in the Together with Love 10k run.

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