Friday, February 17, 2006

TV Interview on KPIX San Francisco

February 16, 2006

I'm driving home yesterday afternoon after my massage when I get a call from Brent. He askes what I'm up to tomorrow. I told him nothing really as I'm taking a few days off from training because my throat has been a bit scratchy. Then he proceeds to tell me that he's up in San Francisco and that tomorrow (thursday) at 8pm he's going to be interviewed for CBS 5 (KPIX) along with one of the Tour de California HealthNet riders and they are in need of one more person! Then he asks what color my hair is?! I told him it was normal, but should I dye it pink (I had already said I'd love to be on TV!)? Brent said that he had already told the producer about my pink hair and the producer loved it! So needless to say I agreed to dye it pink and head up to SF this afternoon. The interview wasn't scheduled until 8pm.

I got up to SF around 4pm and hung out with Brent until it was time to go to the station. I met the producer Collin and Dennis O'Donnel the sportscaster. We didn't get into the "stage" area until close to 9pm; almost past my bedtime!! Good thing Brent and I stopped for coffee before we went to the station!

It was a 30 minute taped interview that is goind to aire sometime soon. In fact I believe it'll be aired approximately 3 separate times. I need to get the dates from Brent.
It was a round table set-up where Dennis lead the conversation and although I didn't speak much I looked cute with my pink hair! The interview was mostly about the Tour de California with a tid-bit or two about the Escape from Alcatraz which that was why Brent and I were there.

I think it was a bit difficult for a few reasons, the first being I am still inexperienced with speaking in an interview where I felt I didn't have an answer to some of the questions either because I didn't know who they were making reference to or I just couldn't think of something to say. There were four of us on the round table and I was the only female. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my quietness, but it might have played a small part.

I had a good time and was able to get my name out to a wide variety of people which is always a good idea. I talked with the producer afterwards and I hope that I'll be able to be interviewed in the near future. I'd do much better especially if the questions were directed specifically to me.

I had a great time and am thankful for the experience and will forward to many more TV interviews!

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