Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stationary Cycling

January 14, 2009

Although it's boring, I've been getting on the stationary bikes at the gym for an easy spin of 20 minutes to 1 hour (that's about all I can handle, even with the ipod).

It's been so nice here, around 70 degrees, which is quite unusual for January and there's nothing better than riding and running outdoors; unfortunately, I'm stuck inside for my "ride" and weight lifting regimen, but I'm enjoying our outdoor pool!

I'm swimming about 5 days per week and averaging about 4900 yds. per day; for me, that's pretty darn good! I feel I'm getting stronger and I hope that the cycling and running will come along quickly. I'll be able to take off my boot next week, but will take it fairly easy, maybe only running 1 mile on the treadmill the day I take off my boot. I want to make sure that I'm completey healed before going crazy with training.

My first race of the season will be Wildflower in May. I opted not to compete in any earlier races as this will give me plenty of time to get into race shape!

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Sarah said...

Happy New Year!! I am so bummed to read about your foot but I hope you heal well and I'm glad to hear you're not going to do any races until WF. No point in messing it up, right? I can only imagine how boring the stationary bike must be. :( On the other hand, GREAT swim stats!! Look forward to more updates...hang in there. :)